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The Ebb and Flow of Open Source

I'm in the process of moving many of my old posts to a new website - this one - and that involves thinking about some things I have not thought of in years.


Moving to WiX

NUnit has finally gotten rid of it's Visual Studio Install projects in favor of WiX

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In an earlier article I wrote about my concern with They had acquired the domain and were offering me the right to use it in exchange for a link. I felt uncomfortable about this, particularly after I learned about their dispute over the domain.


Running NUnit on Linux

At OSCON, I spoke about NUnit for Cross-Platform development. Here are some screenshots from that talk, showing NUnit running under Mono 1.1.13 on Ubuntu Linux. (Click to enlarge)


NUnitLite and the GPL

In my last post, about the NUnit team's plans for trying out the Microsoft CodePlex site, I introduced the NUNitLite project. One thing I mentioned was the possibility of its being released under the GPL license. This seems to have gotten more reaction than anything else in the post. I find that a bit disappointing, because I thought there were some other cool things in it. :-)

Be that as it may, I'll try to explain here why my next software project might use GPL and what kind of considerations I'm looking at in making a final choice.


The Death of NUnit Revisited: Will it be Fire?

In my earlier post, The Death Of NUnit - Will it be Ice?, I adopted the notion - promoted in some mailing list posts - that NUnit might be dead or dying. I identified two big worries: death by ice and death by fire. Ice stood for frozen inactivity on the part of the project itself - failure to move ahead. Fire symbolized competitive forces, which might make NUnit obsolete.


The Death of NUnit - Will it be Ice?

A recent post on the NUnit Open Discussion Forum on Sourceforge asked “Is NUnit Dead?” I have to admit: the question irked me a bit. But reflecting on it has led me to a few conclusions that I’ll share here.


What's with

The site seems to have acquired, a domain we thought about using but didn't. Now I'm sorry, since they could use it for pretty much any purpose.