Notice: The content of this site is being reviewed and whatever still seems useful will be moved to, my personal site. Since I am now pretty much retired from consulting, a separate .com site seems like overkill. Initially, I'll leave pointers to the new location as content is moved. Eventually, I'll remove this site entirely.


I'm putting this site back online after a hiatus. It was not updated for many years and has been offline for a while due to server issues. What's here is rather out of date, but I'll be working to update it in the coming months.

I'm an independent software developer, trainer and coach working primarily in the Northwest. I've been developing software for over 40 years and I'm still not bored! If you like, you can read my informal bio or take a look at my resume.

I'm a big believer in Extreme Programming as an approach to software development and I'm heavily into test-driven development. I'm one of the developers of the NUnit unit-testing framework.

What's Here?

This is my professional and technical site and is mostly aimed at at fellow developers. It contains a number of articles I've written over the years. The site is no longer updated and will be closed once I've transfered the content to my new site.

Other Sites

NUnit Software is a company name I have used for a while to provide training and mentoring to teams as well as supporting work on NUnit. I'm in the process of re-focusing it in support of users of legacy NUnit V2 software.

Brani Italiani is my Italian-language blog, which I set up to help with my study of the language. I'm always happy when native speakers show up and give me comments or advice. is the official site of the NUnit unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. I continue to participate in the NUnit Project, which is now led by a Core Team of developers.

Coming Events

I will be facilitating the Open Space at XP2018 in Porto, May 21-25, 2018. I have not been to Portugal before and am really looking forward to this event. Please join us!

Recent Events

Thanks to the Italian Agile community for the great welcome I received at Italian Agile Days in Urbino, November 17-18, 2017. It was my first time giving a keynote in Italian and although it was rough in places, folks were tolerant and really seemed to get the message about getting "Back to Basics". This community seems very strong and are ready to revitalize their practice of Agile!