Past Events

XP2018 Porto, Portugal May 21-25, 2018
I will be facilitating the Open Space at XP2018. This will be the fifteenth XP Conference I've taken part in and I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about Agile in any of it's forms, but especially XP.

XP Day France 2006 Paris, France March 23-24, 2005
The well known XP-Day format in French! This is the first French XP-Day, sponsored by the XP-France group. I'll be giving a keynote on XP as a source of business value.

Italian Agile Days Urbino, Italy November 17-18, 2017
Thanks to the Italian Agile community for the great welcome I received! It was my first time giving a keynote in Italian and although it was rough in places, folks were tolerant and really seemed to get the message about getting "Back to Basics". This community seems very strong and are ready to revitalize their practice of Agile!

XP2006 Oulu, Finland June 17-22, 2006
This year, I'm organizing the Open Space.

Consultants Network and Retreat Newport, Oregon October 24-28, 2005
An annual consultants retreat on the Oregon coast. I attended for the first time time last year and I'm looking forward to this one as well.

XP2005 Sheffield University, UK June 18-23, 2005
I presented a tutorial on Test Driven User Interfaces.

London .NET Users Group London June 23, 2005
A talk about new NUnit features and Test-Driven Development in general.

Communicating Through Tests Dublin, Ireland June 28, 2005
This was part of an Agile Workshop that Mary Poppendieck and I presented.

Communicating Through Tests London, UK June 29, 2005
This was part of an Agile Workshop that Mary Poppendieck and I presented.

Agile Scotland SIG Edinburgh June 30, 2005
I spoke to a lively audience on the topic "When Tests Seem Hard" describing strategies for using "hard to test" situations as opportunities to improve design.

Consultants Network and Retreat Newport, Oregon November 8-12, 2004
Thanks to an invitation from Diana Larsen, I'm participating with this small group of consultants holding their annual retreat on the Oregon coast. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

OOPSLA 2004 Vancouver, Canada October 24-28, 2004
Participating in several workshops.

Scrum Gathering Denver, Colorado October 13-14
Ken Schwaber is getting a group together for two days to talk about Scrum. I'm especially interested in how Scrum relates to the techniques and tools used by other agile methods.

XP Agile Universe 2004 Calgary, Canada August 15-18, 2004
I'm participating in two workshops: Who Should Write Acceptance Tests and Refactoring Our Writings. I'm also planning for an Open Space session on agile tools for .NET, to following up on a similar session I held at XP2004. Other than that, look for me around the conference, starting on Saturday afternoon.

Seattle XP Users Group Bellevue, Washington August 12, 2004

.NET Developers Association Redmond, Washington August 9, 2004 (6:30pm)
I'll be talking about unit/programmer testing, test-driven development and NUnit, featuring the new 2.2 release. This presentation is on the Microsoft campus: be sure to bring a printed copy of the meeting announcement and a picture id in order to be admitted.

Communicating Through Tests Stockholm, Sweden June 16, 2004
This workshop, originally developed and presented jointly with Ward Cunningham, is centered around the notion of tests as an agile communication medium. It features both unit and acceptance testing on multiple platforms. The link is partly Swedish, partly English.

SPIN-Sweden Stockholm, Sweden June 15, 2004
Two talks at the kickoff meeting for a new SPIN group: "Value, Competency and Cooperation in Software Development" and "Test-Driven Development".

XP2004 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany June 6-10, 2004
Participating in several workshiops and chairing a paper session.

OOPSLA 2003 Anaheim, California October 26-30, 2003
Participating in several workshops...

XP Agile Universe 2003 New Orleans, Louisiana August 11-14, 2003
Participating in several workshops...

Compelcon Malmo, Sweden June 5, 200
Communicating Through Tests workshop presented jointly with Ward Cunningham. The registration page is in Swedish, but the presentation will be in English..

XpLabs Sutri, Italy June 3, 2003
Communicating Through Tests workshop presented jointly with Ward Cunningham. This one is in a very pleasant location in the hills outside Rome.

XP2003 Genoa, Italy May 25-29, 2003
At this year's conference, I'll be presenting my tutorial on Advanced Unit-Testing Techniques in .Net and participating in a panel discussion on Test-Driven Development. You may register here for the tutorial.

Portland XP Users Group Portland, Oregon May 6, 2003
Presentation of new features in NUnit 2.1 followed by examples and discussion of testing techniques applicable to .NET and the effect of testing on application design. Redmond, Washington March 5, 2003
Presentation on NUnit, The Open-source Test Framework and it's use in developing unit tests for the .Net environment.

South Sound .Net Users Group Olympia, Washington January 16, 2003
General introduction to the concepts of Extreme Programming. Slides are available here.

South Sound .Net Users Group Olympia, Washington December 19, 2002
Introduction to the use of NUnit for unit testing in the .Net environment. Slides are available here.

OOPSLA 2002 Seattle, Washington November 4-8, 2002
Participated in Agile Processes Workshop focused on

XP2002 Alghero, Sardinia, Ital May 26-29, 2002